Any woman has the ability to accomplish great things, but first she must believe in herself.  Once she starts achieving her goals, she will begin to inspire others around her to make positive changes in their lives too.     


In my mind being a Strong Woman isn’t just about going to the gym and lifting weights...


A Strong Woman strives to live a life of balance, not only wanting to have a strong body but also a strong mind and soul. She is kind and thoughtful. She lifts others up around her, gives words of encouragement and inspires others to be stronger versions of themselves. She stands up for what she believes in, is willing to push herself to try new things, and works hard to achieve her goals.

A Strong Woman is a positive role model.  Knowing how important good nutrition is she supports and encourages family and friends to fuel their bodies with healthy, nutritious food and to be active so they may lead longer, fuller, healthier lives.

Sarah & Karla at the mount.jpg

A Strong Woman knows it is important to step back and breathe, to have some time away from the busy grind of daily life, to appreciate the small things and be grateful for what she has. She knows life is short and is determined to make the most of every day.

A Strong Woman tries to stay positive while tackling life’s ups and downs, such as illness, heartache, injury and loss of loved ones. There will be times when a Strong Woman needs to ask for help and support from those around her, and she knows it takes strength to do that, and that’s ok.

I think that every woman can be a Strong Woman! Xx